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      Mocha Earth Music is an independently owned and run online music shop, selling quality boutique music gear made by equally independent companies to our fellow musicians in Australia.

      As musicians, the tone searching journey never ends. At times, we want to sound like our heroes, at other times, we want to have our own unique sound and identity. We never want to be just run-of-the-mill!

      At Mocha Earth Music, we strive to be different. Not only are we passionate about providing the best customer service experience, we are also here to bring you the alternative and unusual brands, which you won’t find anywhere else. Many of the brands and products were sourced and brought in by ourselves and never been in the country before (at the time when we launch on the 1st June, 2020), i.e. Rombo Picks, Zander Circuitry, Latent Lemon Audio, NRG Effects, Heistercamp, etc.

      You may not see a lot of familiar brands here, but you will find a lot of surprises. Some will help with your playing, some will make your lives much easier and some will truly inspire you!



      Thank you for visiting Mocha Earth Music!