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      Pedal To The Metal Music

      Matt New from Pedal to the Metal has been in the industry for close to 30 years.  When it comes to building pedalboards, he knows what he's doing!  

      If you are in Australia and looking to put together a board professionally, be sure to get in touch with Matt.

      Fidelity Guitars

      Fidelity Guitars, based in Cambridge, UK, has been making some phenomenal guitars.

      In fact, founder Matt Oram built my "Ally" Double Standard to my specifications back in early 2019, which I am extremely happy about.

      If you are in the market for something special, a custom made guitar.  You should check out Fidelity Guitars.

      Practical Patch

      If you want some individuality but getting some high quality cables at the same time, you would want to check out Practical Patch.  

      Based in bonnie Scotland, Chris sources and builds quality guitar or patch cables to your specifications.  Plugs, cable type, braid colour, length, you name it!

      Check them out!