My name is Christopher Ho.  I am a self-taught photographer, a musician and a Brand Manager in a distribution company based in Sydney, Australia.
Photography has always been an interest for me since young.  I used to take a camera with me to every school excursion; every school trip.  I remember Mom used to get me those disposable cameras when I was about 6, for obvious reason.  As I get older, I get to take the Nikon L35AF, which, by that time, has become the spare camera in the house.  When we go on family holidays, I would always take over and be in charge of the camera and take photos of everyone. 
Even though, it has been the case, I never thought about the real meaning of taking photos.  Like most things, it wasn't until something significant in life happened, I wouldn't understand the importance of taking photos as a way of documenting our lives.  Unfortunately, something significant happened during my Uni time.  It gave me a new perspective and got to a point in my life that I truly realise nothing last forever!  And we can't turn back time to re-visit those times past.  That's when I started taking photography seriously, particularly "documentary style" of photography.
“Photography is the only thing that captures the moment.  And the moment is all that we have.” – David Bailey
What Bailey said, pretty much sums up what photography is for me.  People always refer to the “decisive moment” when they take photos.  If you think about it, everything in life, every bit of it is a moment.  It is all these moments linking up together, that become our memories.  It is these moments, as a photographer, I want to save and preserve.
Music is another thing that has been around my life for a very long time.  Ever since I picked up the guitar at 13, music has been a major part of my every day life.  I cannot not play my guitar at least once a day, even just for a couple of minutes.  I started writing my own material around 15 and I continue to do so now.  
It only make sense to put the two interests together and make something special - Mocha Earth Production.  Please take your time to browse through my portfolio and visit my SoundCloud to have a listen to my music.

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