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      Gekko Sound

      Gekko Sound Logo
      Gekko Sound CE.BASS Auto Compressor w/ 2-Band EQ
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      Gekko Sound G.BOOST Clean Gain Preamp
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      Gekko Sound C.BASS Auto Compressor
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      Gekko Sound specialises in innovative boutique FX pedals, designed and hand-wired in Melbourne, Australia.

      Founder, Felipe Muraca, not only a bass player himself for many years, he has been in the music and film industry for a very long time too. When it comes to making guitar effects, specifically for bass players, not only does he understand what musicians look for in a pedal, but also has the technical know-how to be able to create pedals that are easy-to-use, reliable and sound great. The pedals are designed by a bass player and guitarist, who has extensive experience in electronics design, as well as a passion for vintage analogue sound.

      Have you been looking for pedals that offer an ultra-clean, transparent effect; that enhance the tone of your bass or guitar without any colouration? That’s why Gekko Sound has been created, to produce pedals that offer just this!

      Though it is a new company, but Gekko Sound pedals have been road-tested by many big names in the industry already. Check out their reviews here.