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      Strymon Ojai Power Supply On Sale
      $250.00 $385.00
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      Strymon ZUMA Power Supply On Sale
      $400.00 $499.00
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      Strymon ZUMA R300 Power Supply Strymon ZUMA R300 Power SupplyOn Sale
      $360.00 $510.00
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      Strymon is a brand of Damage Control Engineering, which was formed back in 2004. Damage Control released a line of tube-driven effects pedals, i.e. Demonizer, Womenizer, TimeLine, Liquid Blues, etc. These pedals earned critical acclaim and became favourites for many guitarists all around the world.

      In 2009, Damage Control had been making pedals under the Strymon name and in 2016, the Strymon power supply range was launched. With Zuma’s dual-stage topology, pre-regulated outputs, optically isolated feedback and advanced multistage filtering, the Zuma quickly became the go-to power supply for many guitarists!