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      Zander Circuitry

      Zander Circuitry
      Zander Circuitry SURPLUS Overdrive On Sale
      $150.00 $299.00
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      Zander Circuitry JUNIPERO Multi-Modulation On Sale
      $499.00 $649.00
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      On the website, Alex Millar, the founder of Zander Circuitry, stated “We make cool shit.” in the About section.  No shit!  Alex makes some really cool shit indeed!

      Zander’s pedals are full of surprises.  Turning familiar designs into something modern, versatile and refreshing.  Most importantly, they sound great!

      As a lefty, Alex would build his own guitars out of parts, so he can have something different to the usual lefty models in most stores.  Having the practice and experience with the soldering iron, Alex started making pedals as a hobby, selling them through social media and word of mouth.  By August 2016, the pedals were so well received and he got so into making pedals, eventually, Zander Circuitry was formed.  Started off with just building clones and variations on existing circuits, Zander Circuitry now has become the first British company to have released a full fledged digital multi effect with tap and MIDI, the Junipero.  Something to be proud of!

      All pedals are handmade in Essex, UK with high quality components and lots of love!